From Coast to Coast: Finding the Perfect Pizza in the USA


Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s a beloved American food that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people across the country. In this quest for the perfect pizza, we’re embarking on a culinary adventure from coast to coast, exploring the diverse and vibrant pizza scenes that the United States has to offer. Get ready to indulge in mouthwatering flavors and unique styles as we search for the ultimate slice of pizza heaven.

East Coast Pizza Delights:

The East Coast is renowned for its rich pizza culture, with iconic cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia leading the way. In New York, you’ll find the classic New York-style pizza, characterized by its thin, foldable crust and generous toppings. Pizzerias like Di Fara Pizza and Grimaldi’s are legendary, attracting long lines of eager pizza enthusiasts. Boston offers its own distinct style with Greek-inspired pizza, known for its thick, doughy crust and a savory combination of flavors. Don’t miss out on a visit to Santarpio’s or Regina Pizzeria for an authentic Boston pizza experience. Meanwhile, Philadelphia boasts its signature square-shaped pizzas with a crispy yet fluffy crust, topped with a tangy tomato sauce and gooey cheese. Places like Lorenzo and Sons and Pizzeria Beddia are not to be missed for a taste of Philly’s pizza greatness.

Midwest Pizza Gems:

As we journey to the Midwest, we uncover hidden pizza gems that have gained recognition for their exceptional pies. Chicago takes the spotlight with its deep-dish pizza, featuring a buttery crust, a layer of gooey cheese, and a hearty tomato sauce. Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s are iconic names in the Chicago pizza scene, serving up mouthwatering slices that are as satisfying as they are indulgent. In Detroit, you’ll find the square-shaped Detroit-style pizza, characterized by its thick, crispy crust and toppings that reach all the way to the edges. Buddy’s Pizza and Loui’s Pizza are local favorites that have perfected this unique style. And let’s not forget St. Louis, known for its thin, cracker-like crust topped with Provel cheese. Imo’s Pizza is a must-visit for a true taste of St. Louis-style pizza and the city’s culinary pride.

West Coast Pizza Paradise:

On the West Coast, culinary innovation thrives, and the pizza scene is no exception. In San Francisco, you’ll discover a fusion of global flavors, with pizzerias experimenting with unique toppings and creative combinations. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and Pizzeria Delfina are just a couple of the establishments pushing the boundaries of traditional pizza. Los Angeles offers a slice for every taste, from New York-style slices at Joe’s Pizza to gourmet pies at Pizzeria Mozza. And in the food-loving city of Seattle, you’ll find a focus on locally sourced ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship. Serious Pie and Delancey are known for their exceptional pizzas that showcase the Pacific Northwest’s flavors and culinary ingenuity.

Southern Pizza Delicacies:

Heading down South, we encounter a whole new world of pizza styles and flavors. In Nashville, the hot chicken capital, you can savor hot chicken pizza, a mouthwatering blend of spicy chicken, tangy sauce, and melty cheese. Atlanta brings its own twist to pizza with soulful flavors and creative toppings like collard greens and peaches. Don’t miss out on Antico Pizza Napoletana for a taste of Atlanta’s pizza scene. And then there’s New Orleans, where you’ll find Cajun and Creole influences infused into pizza creations. Places like Pizza Delicious and Domenica are serving up slices that showcase the vibrant flavors and hospitality of the South.

Coastal Influences: Seafood and Beyond:

Coastal regions in the United States bring a unique influence to the pizza landscape, incorporating seafood and fresh local ingredients. In New England, you’ll find pizzerias that offer clam and lobster pizzas, celebrating the region’s abundant seafood. The Gulf Coast brings its own flavors to the table, with shrimp, crawfish, and even alligator making appearances on pizzas. And on the Pacific Northwest coast, the focus is on utilizing the region’s fresh produce, with toppings like wild mushrooms and artisan cheeses. These coastal influences add a delightful twist to traditional pizza and offer a taste of the local culinary traditions.

Pizza Fusion: Global Inspirations:

American pizza has been greatly influenced by international cuisines, resulting in a diverse and exciting pizza landscape. Italian-inspired pizzas are, of course, a staple, but you’ll also find pizzerias drawing inspiration from Mediterranean, Asian, and Latin American flavors. These creative combinations can be seen in pizzas topped with prosciutto and arugula, Thai curry chicken, or Mexican-inspired ingredients like chipotle sauce and queso fresco. The fusion of global tastes adds an adventurous flair to the pizza experience and expands our horizons beyond traditional flavors.

Unforgettable Experiences: Personal Stories and Recommendations:

Throughout our pizza journey, we’ve encountered passionate pizza enthusiasts who have embarked on their own quests for the perfect slice. Their personal stories and recommendations have led us to hidden gems and unique pizza spots that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. From a small family-owned pizzeria in a quiet town to a hole-in-the-wall joint in a bustling city, these personal anecdotes remind us that the best pizza experiences are often found in the most unexpected places. The enthusiasm and love for pizza shared by these individuals inspire us to keep exploring, discovering, and sharing our own pizza adventures.


From coast to coast, the United States offers a pizza landscape as diverse as its people and cultures. Whether you prefer the thin crusts of the East Coast, the deep-dish delights of the Midwest, the innovative creations of the West Coast, or the southern comfort flavors, there’s a pizza for everyone. The fusion of global tastes, coastal influences, and regional traditions make the American pizza scene a true culinary adventure. So, grab a slice, embark on your own pizza quest, and keep the love for pizza alive and thriving.

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